I offer one-on-one and small-group photography workshops and location touring.


 I'll often take workshops myself, as I find skill-building and understanding of concepts are far more valuable than upgrading to the latest and greatest gear. My photography journey has always advanced further from learning new skills rather than buying a more powerful camera.

  Some of the lesson content I focus on is:

  • The importance of composition in landscape photography, and how to incorporate multiple elements and layers to really make your image tell a story without words.
  • Teaching when, and when not to use Neutral Density filters (if you have them)
  • Taking control of light in your images through proper metering and exposure to the strengths of the light at the time.
  • Introduction to night photography (either in the bright lights of the city, or dark sky locations outside of the city lights)
  • Advanced techniques such as focus stacking & understanding depth of field and hyperfocal distances
  • Discussion of which smartphone apps can help you plan ahead and improve your photography before you even arrive on location.
  • Portfolio review, analysis, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Using photography as an outlet to combat stress, and boost mental health.


  This is just a sample of the content I provide. I can customize workshops to any agenda you may have, from learning basics or location tours to specific techniques such as long exposure, night photography, composition, etc.



 Active/Upcoming Workshops:

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I also offer online mentorships, portfolio reviews, and other guidance sessions over Zoom.


 For more information on any of my workshops, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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I had the privilege of having a one-on-one workshop with Mark in August. I have to say that the knowledge Mark has in photography is incomparable. The ease of learning different techniques to get the shot right in-camera to save time in editing was incredible, even down to the smallest details of my camera has saved me time and frustration. If you haven't had a photography workshop with Mark Jinks you should really consider it. You'll not be disappointed! -Deb

 As a longtime admirer of Mark's work, I was thrilled to be able to participate in a recent one-on-one workshop with him. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable and talented but also a lot of fun to be around! I learned about everything from long exposure and night photography to social media strategy, and I particularly enjoyed that the session was customized to my interests. The best part? I was left feeling energized and excited about photography and can't wait to see where it takes me next! -Kim


I recently had a chance to take a workshop with Mark and definitely look forward to any future learning opportunities and education with him. The atmosphere was very relaxed with an easy-to-learn approach and lots of time to apply the skills I was learning. He is extremely personable and willing to share his knowledge of photography. If you take a workshop with Mark you will not be disappointed and will leave feeling much more confident in your abilities. Thanks again Mark for a fantastic workshop! -Brenda


I had the opportunity to do a workshop to learn long exposure and night photography, Mark is an excellent teacher, he is patient, and explains step by step how to take the shot, I've learnt so much in my session, and look forward to experimenting with my new skills... -Natalie


I had the privilege of doing a one-on-one workshop with Mark. He is a wealth of information and an excellent teacher. I learned so much and he made it a very fun experience! He is a great guy and very passionate about photography which is evident in the way he teaches! I wouldn’t hesitate to take another one of his workshops! -Kimberly


I had a fantastic time last week learning your tips and suggestions at our one-on-one photography session. Mark, you’re unbelievably talented and your outgoing personality adds to this wonderful experience. Especially when I was able to take a few pictures during our lightning storm, I’m still thrilled about that!!!

I would highly recommend anyone who is just getting into photography or wants to learn from one of the best to contact Mark, priceless experience! -Tanya


it was a great workshop. Mark is a good instructor and takes his time to explain things and answer questions. I definitely recommend his workshops! - Luna


This is the second workshop I have taken with Mark. His workshops are always well planned out, and there is always lots to learn! - Marc


Thanks so much for the workshop! We learned a lot and very much enjoyed the experience. From booking to workshop it was an excellent experience. - Heather


What a great learning experience! Thank you Mark for the inspiring workshop! - Deb


Yes, Mark gave instructions and shared tips quite well during the March 31st workshop. I enjoyed learning more from him. Here is an example photo taken during the workshop.

Definitely a recommendation to take MJ workshops if you are a beginner or an intermediate. - Arista


I recently had the good fortune, via a gift from coworkers, to spend an evening 

with Mark in Edmonton. Mark is very easygoing and explained himself at my level.

The four hours we spent photographing the river valley, Walterdale bridge and light

Streaks, and sharing went by way too fast! I would recommend Mark to anyone wanting to prove their photography skills - Connie