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 Mark Jinks is a nature photographer, writer, and educator based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His main photography focus is on capturing beautiful landscapes and wildlife, the energy of severe weather, and the mystique of the night sky.


  Originally from England, he moved to Alberta, Canada, at a young age and instantly fell in love with the Canadian Rocky Mountains. He has been dabbling in photography for 20+ years and has been featured in numerous publications in both print and online, including The Globe and Mail, CBC, Westjet Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Outdoor Photography Canada, and many more. He has won numerous photography competitions, and his imagery has been licensed by agencies all over the world.


He can often be found exploring the vast landscapes of Western Canada and beyond. Showcasing the beauty of Alberta from the Rocky Mountains to the prairies and everything in between, including the beautiful northern lights, and powerful summer thunderstorms.


Mark teaches photography in both small groups and private lessons across Alberta and beyond, including Aurora Borealis retreats in the North, the Canadian Rockies, and prairies.


As a travel photographer and writer, Mark specializes in promoting tourism to specific areas with his imagery, working on campaigns and projects with various tourism boards across North America, and has worked with brands such as Ford Canada, Nikon Canada, Bellstar Hotel Resorts, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, Westjet Magazine, Rocky Mountaineer, Backroad Mapbooks, LumeCube, Northwest Territories Tourism, Travel Alberta,  and many more.


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Awards and Accomplishments:


2021 December Radio Interview - CBC Radio Active 

2021 Northern Lights Photography of the Year Top 25 -

2021 International Pano Awards - Bronze Award x2

2020 Alberta Magazine Awards Nominee - Photograph: Landscape, Still and Architecture

2019 Nikon Canada Social - workshop host - Edmonton, Alberta

2018 Westjet Magazine Cover - December

2018 Runner Up Winner - Canadian Geographic - Wild Weather

2018 Top 25 Northern Lights Photos of the year finalist

2017 Official NiSi Ambassador to Canada region
2017 Outdoor Photography Canada Grand Prize Winner - Landscape Photography contest

2016 Best Mountain Artists Grand Prize Winner - Landscape Photography contest



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2020 - Waterfalls of North America - Waterfalls for Days - featured

2019 - Canada - Harper Collins Publishing - featured
2018 - NiSi Landscape Photography Volume 1 - featured


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